Kitchen- Vastu

Which direction is Best for placing Kitchen in House?

According To vastu South-East direction is considered to be best direction for Kitchen To be constructed.

Vastu :  South- East Is Considered as Agni cone and is best for Kitchen.

Scientific Reason :  Kitchen should be placed  such that so that no dampness should be there in the kitchen. As dampness cause other hygienic Problem so it should be Dampness Free proper ventilated.

Ar. Mayank Gupta

Office: Vastu

Which Direction you should Face while dealing your Clients?

According To vastu  north direction is considered to be best direction to deal with your clients .

Vastu :  North Direction

Scientific Reason :  North – Governed By Magnetic Forces of Ur Body and Earth.

Energy will flow in positive direction and your mind is more active so you are able to take better decisions.

Ar. Mayank Gupta