• Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosopher’s, priests, professors, teachers etc
  • Plot facing North is good for those in power, administration and those who work for government.
  • Plot facing South is good for business class and for those who work in business organisation.
  • Plot facing West is for those who provide supporting services to the society.
10 Points to keep in mind while buying a land
  1. An irregular shape plot should be avoided, (if Purchased Building should be constructed in the Regular form).
  2. A plot having large tree like (peepal,banyan etc ,Trees with larger roots) should not be purchased as it weekends the foundation.
  3. A plot situated between two larger plots is not good.
  4. A valley or a large pit around the land or a depression in the land is inauspicious.
  5. Don’t buy a plot with obstructions like hills, tall buildings or towers on the…

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