Emotional Response of Different Shapes

  • Every different shape has a certain measure of relationship with emotional responses which suggest as follows:
    1. Verticals: Dignity, Strength, Stability, Permanence, Solumnity, Aspiration
    2. Horizontals: Repose, Calm, Quiteness, Peace, Tranquity, Balance
    3. Diagonals: Dramatic or Vigorous Movement, Excitement, Restlessness, Agitation
    4. Angles: Insecurity, Confusion, Agitation, Action, Dash, Strife
    5. Radii: Freedom, Ambition, Glory, Devotion, Duty, Patriotism
    6. Radiation: Attack, Shock
    7. Spirals: Excitement, Power, Motion
    8. Rectangles: Strength, Stability, Utility
    9. Triangles: Permanence, Security
    10. Rhythm: Movement, Grace, Charm
    11. Orals: Grace, Ferminity, Charm, Perpetuation, Creativeness
    12. Circles: Fullness, Charm, Motion, Inttensity, Vastness, Eternity, Equality, Deliverance
    13. Formal Division: Balance, Unity, Dignity, Formality, Strength, Symmetry
    14. Informal Division: Excitement, Activity, Elasticity, Progress